Downtown Holiday Adventures

December 30, 2015

We elected to go on a multi-modal (car, CalTrain, feet, BART, car) adventure to downtown San Francisco for our pre-Christmas outing this year. We took in the sights, took the escalators to every floor of Macy’s (both mens’ and womens’ stores), went to the ACT’s production of Dickens’ Christmas Carol, had a spectacularly delicious dinner at Bouche, and generally had a jolly and festive time.

Nimue got to look at kittens (KITTENS!) in the Macy’s display windows, while we fended off the kindly animal shelter volunteers seeking kitten adoptees with cries of “we already have two!”

No trip to downtown SF at Christmas time would be complete without visiting the giant tree set up in the plaza, and a kindly European girl with a bike snapped a picture of us.

Downtown Holiday Adventures - December 30, 2015 - chad r. frost